Clancy is dedicated to Verona, Rome, voters

Published Nov 4, 2017 at 4:00pm

I encourage all voters in the Oneida County Legislative District 4 to re-elect Mike Clancy as their legislator. I have known Mike for many years through Little League, Babe Ruth and the Verona Fire Department. Mike has been there whenever there was a project to be done or a fundraiser to work at and not to just say he had been there but to actually work. When he first said he wanted to serve as county legislator, I was very happy because I knew the kind of person we would be getting and I was right. Mike has been dedicated to serving both Rome and Verona, and I know this because I have talked to him many times when he come to our fire department meetings directly from Rome.

Mike volunteers in Verona because he lives in Verona. He worked out a plan to get Main Street, Verona, fully paved which had not been done since the early 1960s. He also pushed the county until Route 50 in New London was fixed as well. And I know how committed he is to MVCC’s campus in Rome and a project for a marina and entertainment area along the canal.

In conclusion when you have a dedicated person like this representing you I think we should keep him working for us. Thank you.

— Warren Harris, Verona