Church tragedy shows need to build safer communities

Published Nov 10, 2017 at 4:00pm

The Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church killing tragedy is far beyond words regarding bringing comfort to the families and community. It is fathomless in its horror!

What we can do is continue on ever-improving overseeing of gun control and alertness to potential pathologies from home, neighborhood, school community and nations. We dare not lock ourselves away from others, but work harder at knowing our neighbors, supporting holistic education in schools and strengthening community through neighborly events and more face to face get-togethers.

Let the Sutherland Springs tragedy be a vivid wakeup call to work harder at building safer communities in all ways.This is the best way to honor those who died in this horrible tragedy and to prevent further ones.

— Timothy Hume Behrendt, minister/counselor, Cold Brook