Change is needed in county clerk’s office

Published Oct 10, 2018 at 4:00pm

During this trying time I feel it is time to speak up.  

Change is desperately needed in the Oneida County Clerk’s office. I being one of several employees  who have left our positions with Oneida County because we could no longer work under Sandy DePerno.  

You want to know why there are long lines and such poor attitudes from your DMV employees? It’s horrible management. 

For starters the years that I worked for the DMV I only saw Ms DePerno three times. She is never in her office nor does she visit  the DMV. The offices are left to be ran by senior management who berate the workers on a daily basis. They make up there own rules and regulations which are not necessarily the laws that are governed by the state of New York. Ms DePerno, if she is aware, does not care. 

The employees cannot speak up! If they do they are retaliated against to the point they rather depart from their job rather then deal with the conditions they are left to work within. Well, voters of Oneida County there is someone above her — you.Please help your fellow residents and my friends at the DMV.  They need you to empower them show them that they do  matter!  It’s starts somewhere and I am asking you to make that difference and help Oneida County grow in the right direction. 
— Laurie Rocco, Whitesboro