Candidate Frederick Nichols is a determined achiever

Published Sep 1, 2018 at 4:00pm

Republican Frederick Nichols is a determined achiever. 

Nichols will be persuasive and dedicated to the best for Oneida and Herkimer counties as our 119th District representative on the NYS Assembly. 

Through personal courage and hard work, Nichols overcame daunting challenges early in life. Nichols went on to earn college degrees from MVCC, SUNYPOLY, and an MBA from Utica College. He also has international experience teaching in Japan and China. 

Nichols will appear on the ballot in the Republican Primary Election Thursday, Sept. 13. Your vote for Nichols to become our 119th District representative will push these priorities to the NYS Assembly in Albany: 

Help veterans and seniors. 

Reduce middle-class taxes. 

Make NYS more business friendly; attract jobs for young people. 

Improve education; inspire youth toward personal success. 

Oppose Albany corruption; repeal NY Safe Act; support pro-life. 

Use NYS dollars to build the proposed MVHS hospital only at the St. Luke’s campus. 

— Tim Trent, Utica