Brown has proven track record

Published Nov 1, 2017 at 4:00pm

As a lifelong Roman and political independent, I fully support the candidacy of Michael Brown for County Legislature in the 12th district.

Michael has a proven track record of support for our community. Mike moved from Boston to Rome in 2005 and immediately adopted our town as his home. He became an active part of our community serving on the board of the Capitol Theatre for the last 12 years, working diligently for restoration and expansion of the theatre. He now serves as the executive director of the Rome Main Street Alliance, an organization he helped found. Mike has accomplished a great deal because he believes in Rome’s future and embraces our past.

Other people who believed in Rome’s future were among my own family. My great-great-grandfather Hosea Cornish, moved to the area from Massachusetts as well, but in 1820, he arrived overland in a covered wagon because the Erie Canal had not yet been built; members of my family helped build it.

Beginning in 2006, Mike became the first director of the Rome Main Streets Alliance; he returned with a new board in 2016. His love and appreciation for historic preservation and his skills as a craftsman have come to bear as he fights for the economic development of downtown, so Rome may return to a time when it was growing and thriving. Mike was instrumental in winning the recent Downtown Revitalization Initiative $10M grant where his skills as a competent communicator and his ability to cooperate across the political aisles were crucial. I am proud of the work that he is doing and will continue to do, and I am glad to call him my friend. He impresses me every day.

I believe that Mr. Brown is the best candidate for the job of legislator. He will represent Rome’s best interest and fight to make sure we get our fair piece of our own tax dollars. Rome will rise again — let’s ask Mike to help us do that!

— Katharine Rayland, Rome