Brown has been advocate for Rome

Published Nov 2, 2017 at 4:00pm

The only smart choice for the position of 12th District Oneida County Legislator is Michael Brown. Mike has been an advocate for Rome since he relocated here and made Rome his home over 13 years ago.

The 12th District is the only district completely in Rome, and we Romans need a strong and capable voice to address Rome’s needs at the county level and to advocate for Rome’s share of our county’s nearly $400 million dollar budget.

Mike has continued his efforts and work rebuilding Rome since his mayoral run of 2015. As executive director of Rome Main Streets, his efforts extend from working with the City of Rome codes department combatting the blight issues surrounding vacant and zombie properties to citywide beautification efforts and laying the groundwork for downtown economic growth. A board member at the Capitol Theatre, Mike chairs the Restoration Committee and he is an active voice for that downtown economic engine.

Goals as a county legislator would be that of assisting Rome’s growth through smart allocation of our tax dollars for projects that impact Rome. It seems that too many county projects are taking place in Utica. Romans need to see more of those dollars coming back to our city.

If Rome really wants a committed, thoughtful and articulate representative, Michael Brown is the obvious choice for county legislator.

— Doug Coffin, Rome