Block Watch backs Rogers

Published Nov 2, 2017 at 4:00pm

As South Rome Block Watch chair, I strongly urge all third ward residents to support the re-election of our City Councilor, Kim Rogers. Kim has been a dedicated representative who has provided South Rome residents with a direct line to City Hall for eight years. She has walked our neighborhoods, listened to our concerns, and has taken a proactive approach to improving our quality of life. She is a reliable and effective leader who has the knowledge and experience we need in City government.

When faced with a challenge, Kim works until she finds a solution. She has helped us to secure pole cameras, deal with absentee landlords, remove problem tenants, and improve our neighborhoods. Together, we secured a new bus shelter at the South Rome Senior Center and conducted a South Rome sidewalk assessment. She is always available for her constituents and makes sure that South Rome residents get the priority attention they deserve.

Kim has the right temperament and a proven track record that speaks to her commitment to her residents. I have profound respect and appreciation for the work she has done. On November 7th, be sure to head to the polls and vote for Kim Rogers.

— Mary O. Davis, Rome