Adirondack train crew gave riders a great day

Published Sep 6, 2017 at 4:00pm

My wife and family had made plans to take a ride on the Adirondack Railroad on Thursday, August 24. At first, I was a little bit worried  about how the experience would be. One of the things that concerned me was what a two-hour ride from Utica to Thendora would be like on an older train. The next of my worries was my wife being disabled and confined to a wheelchair.

Upon our arrival, we discovered the train wasn’t exactly handicapped accessible. Clearly aware and genuinely willing to accommodate, the train crew went out of their way to make our trip pleasurable. They arranged for the Utica Train station and Thendora Depot to have a lift ready to load and unload my wife’s wheelchair. Riding on a historical train made for an amazing trip. The scenery was fantastic. A sense of nostalgia will definitely be on the forefront taking this ride.

You will realize what it was like in the movies from the olden days and what trains were truly like back then. The biggest pleasure throughout this experience was seeing the dedication and professionalism of the Adirondack Crew. 

It was a thrill to watch the pride taken into doing their jobs so well. Previous storms throughout the area this summer caused some delays on our ride due to fallen trees across the tracks. To my amazement, the crew was prepared with the proper equipment to handle these situations. As the train came to a stop, the crew cut the trees, removed them from the tracks and on our way we went!

Most of the team consists of volunteers. What an incredible experience! If you are seeking a fun day filled with peaceful sentiments, great scenery and welcoming staff, I highly suggest taking a ride on the Adirondack Railroad. In closing, I would like to commend the Adirondack Train Crew. Thanks for giving us a great day!

— Sebastian Sciorilli Sr.,

7205 Rome Oriskany Road,