Ad was ‘so wrong’ about Brindisi and Medicare

Published Oct 9, 2018 at 4:00pm

I need to respond to an ad released against Anthony Brindisi by a group supporting Claudia Tenney.

The ad has a woman saying she will never vote for Anthony because he supports Medicare for all and taxes will go up.

She is so wrong about what Brindisi supports. At Town Hall meetings he carefully explained that he supports amending the Affordable Care Act to repair what Donald Trump (and Claudia Tenney) have done to it. Not until the ACA is fixed and working well would he consider medical insurance for all.

But, Tenney supporters took what he said totally out of context because that is what they do. Maybe what they should be addressing is the fact that Claudia Tenney voted for a tax break for the richest individuals and corporations, it was not a tax break for the middle class or working-class people. In that same bill was a cut to Medicare to help pay for the tax cuts for the richest among us. Tenney’s financial contributors, and Republicans want to cut Medicare even more and have promised to cut Social Security as well. The woman who was on the ad is one of many seniors who will be affected.

— Jacquelynn Leisos, Utica