James Marquette

Plant operations assistant moves up

Published Jan 9, 2017 at 4:00pm

James Marquette has been named director of plant operations at Rome Memorial Hospital.

Marquette, formerly the assistant director of the department, takes over following the retirement of Edward Koziarz.

“The care and maintenance of the hospital building and various off-site facilities has been placed in good hands with Jim Marquette taking on the responsibilities of plant operations director,” David Lundquist, president and chief executive officer, said. “Having worked in many positions within the department since joining the hospital in 1980, Jim has first-hand understanding of the inner workings of the buildings and a wealth of knowledge and experience which he readily shares with the members of his team.”

The departments 16-men her staff is responsible for maintenance of the hospital building and 13 off-site facilities.

Marquette also oversees the Biomedical Department, which ensures that medical equipment is well-maintained, properly configured and safely functional.

“Although I have been part of the plant operations team for more than 30 years and have a lot of experience, I realize that there are new challenges we will be facing as the hospital adjusts to changes in healthcare,” Marquette said. “There are new standards to abide by now and, with an older building, some areas will need some updating.”

Marquette added that facing new challenges is one aspect of his job that he is excited about. “We will have to think creatively. Every day is a new adventure, you are never doing the same thing day in and day out.”