Oneida County food inspections

Published Nov 14, 2017 at 4:00pm

Oneida County Health Department inspectors conduct unannounced and periodic checks of food service establishments to determine if they comply with the state codes, rules and regulations. Here are health department ratings after recent inspections:


The following restaurant conditions were found unsatisfactory.

​PHU QUOC, 657 Bleecker St., Utica, Sept. 15. Can of insecticide found on kitchen floor. Pesticide application improperly supervised. Several dirty pots and pans found in kitchen. Kitchen shelves and countertops were dirty. Kitchen floors and walls were dirty.

MONK’S PIZZA, 1018-1020 Whitesboro St., Utica, Oct. 20. Cooked and prepared foods were subject to cross-contamination from raw foods. Soda cases stored on floor. Kitchen shelves were dirty. Cooler shelves, walls and doors were dirty.

​Hand-wash sticker missing in bathroom. Toilet paper missing in first bathroom, second bathroom in disrepair. Bathrooms were missing soap.

Mouse droppings found on front-area counter and back storage area shelves. Fruit flies were present in back storage area. Front door was open with no screen.

Kitchen and prep area floors and ceiling were dirty. Ventilation hood was dirty and missing grates. Premises was littered with unnecessary equipment.


The following restaurants were previously found unsatisfactory. A reinspection was recently completed.


The following establishments were in substantial compliance with sanitary code. However, some violations were noted.

GOOD PANDA HOUSE, 248 Genesee St., Utica, Sept. 5. Plastic food storage bins were dirty. Floor near fryers and refrigerator were dirty with grease and crumbs.

SUNNY AND SON RESTAURANT, 530 Albany St., Utica, Sept. 7. Kitchen floor was dirty.

DYNASTY BUFFET, Center St., New Hartford, Sept. 11. Vanilla pudding can leaking and rusty, corrected. Cardboard used to line kitchen shelves, corrected. Kitchen floor dirty and wet. Ceiling tiles above dishwashing area were moldy.

SADAQUADA GOLF CLUB, 4983 Henderson St., Whitesboro, Sept. 13. Kitchen, storage lights were not properly shielded.

DRAGON, 249 Bleecker St., Utica, Sept. 19. Thermometers missing in two coolers.

OLD ERIE GOLF CLUB, 3387 Foster Corners Road, Durhamville, Sept. 26. Ice scoop stored on counter alongside tools and a tape measure. Hand wash sinks needed soap and towels.

CAJUN CAGE, 8555 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, Sept. 27. Food containers, freezer door and kitchen floor were dirty.

CHINA EXPRESS, 8555 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, Sept. 27. Food uncovered in cooler. Employees needed proper hair restraints. Cooler floor was dirty.

WESTMORELAND GOLF COURSE, 6906 Fairway Drive, Westmoreland, Sept. 28. Puppy crate, food and water dishes were found near kitchen entrance. Service animals are only allowed in dining area, not kitchen.

OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, 8655 Clinton St., New Hartford, Sept. 29. Shredded cheese and ranch dressing held at 49 degrees for over two hours, corrected.

ORCHARD HALL RESTAURANT, 2955 Oneida St., Sauquoit, Sept. 29. Cottage cheese and cooked prime rib held at 50 degrees for over two hours, corrected.

TASTE OF INDIA, 307 N. James St., Sept. 29. Meat found thawing in bin on floor, corrected, moved to sink. Kitchen shelves needed painting.

AMERICAN HOTEL, 113 Ann St., Boonville, Oct. 6. Dog was in facility.

BOONVILLE HOTEL, 103 Water St., Boonville, Oct. 6. A box of chicken and steaks stored on floor. Cooler racks were dirty.

LUIGI’S II, 104 Water St., Boonville, Oct. 6. Tartar and marinara sauce packets stored beneath raw fish in cooler, corrected.

LAQUINTA HOTEL FOOD SERVICE, 5394 Willow Place, Verona, Oct. 10. Thermometer needed in breakfast kitchen refrigerator. Breakfast kitchen area needed cleaning. Refrigerator door needed repair. Hand wash sink needed soap and towels. Kitchen bar needed to be sealed.

SODEXO, 1729 Burrstone Road, New Hartford, Oct. 17. Crumbs and grime found in open cooler holding sushi, sandwiches and drinks.

FREDDY’S DINER, 101 Ford St., Boonville, Oct. 26. Baked potatoes prepared the previous evening were held between 50 and 53 degrees, corrected. Kitchen floor was damaged and was being held together with duct tape.

PHO VERMICILY, 260 Oriskany Blvd., Yorkville, Oct. 27. Raw meat found defrosting in standing water, corrected, moved to running water. Stove top and kitchen cooler and kitchen floor needed cleaning.

No violations

FORT SCHUYLER CLUB, 254 Genesee St., Sept. 5.

ADULT RECOVERY SERVICES, 15-17 Hopper St., Utica, Sept. 5.

IRWIN’S FINE FOOD, 240 Genesee St., Utica, Sept. 6.

GRIFFIN’S SHOTZ CLUB, 226 Genesee St., Utica, Sept. 6.

MELLO’S SUBS, 242 Genesee St., Utica, Sept. 6.

THE LOTUS GARDEN, 1011 King St., Utica, Sept. 7.

EMMIE’S GLOBAL CUISINE, 12 Bank Place, Utica, Sept. 7.

CINDERELLA’S CAFE, 1208 Main St., Sylvan Beach, Sept. 8.

SODEXO, 1600 Burrstone Road, Utica, Sept. 11.

MOOSE RIVER, 1777 Burrstone Road, Utica, Sept. 13.

CHOWDER HOUSE, 57 Burrstone Road, New York Mills, Sept. 13.

MICHAEL’S FINE FOOD AND SPIRITS, 7672 St. Rte. 20, Waterville, Sept. 14.

JOEY’S RESTAURANT, 307 Mohawk St., Utica, Sept. 15.

PARADISE TREATS, 1920 St. Rte. 315, Waterville, Sept. 16.

RAY BROTHERS, 6474 St. Rte. 20, Bouckville, Sept. 16.

SANGER LODGE #129, 1920 St. Rte. 20, Waterville, Sept. 16.

ROTARY CLUB OF WATERVILLE, 130 E. Main St., Waterville, Sept. 16.

CHIMO’S CATERING, 8731 Davidson Road, Sept. 16.

IT’S A STICKY BUSINESS, 7308 California Road, Deansboro, Sept. 16.

GYRO’S EXPRESS, 4 Twyndom Terrace, New Hartford, Sept. 16.

SHAW’S MAPLE PRODUCTS, 7945 Maxwell Road, Clinton, Sept. 16.

CASTLEWOOD CAFE, 1307 Champlin Ave., Utica, Sept. 18.

JOE’S RESTAURANT, 927 Jay St., Utica, Sept. 19.

GIUSEPPE’S BAKERY, 506 Mohawk St., Utica, Sept. 19.

BROOKSIDE SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY, 99 Brookside Drive, Clinton, Sept. 26.

DELTA KNOLLS GOLF, 8388 Elmer Hill Road, Sept. 26.


PROMISE LAND FARM BBQ, Park Row East, Clinton, Sept. 28.

BELLA’S CREPES, Park Row East, Clinton, Sept. 28.

BELL TOWER CHAPTER EASTERN STAR, Park Row East, Clinton, Sept. 28.

THAI ICE, Park Row East, Clinton, Sept. 28.

MICHAEL T’S RESTAURANT, 8390 Seneca Tpk., New Hartford, Sept. 29.

TONY LUPINO’S BELLA CUCINA, 4479 Commercial Drive, New Hartford, Sept. 29.

PIGGY PAT’S BBQ, 3955 Edgebrook Place, Washington Mills, Sept. 29.

TACO BELL, 136 N. Genesee St., Utica, Sept. 29.

KING PIN RECREATIONAL CENTER, 7157 E. Dominick St., Sept. 29.

CRYSTAL SPRUNGS GOLF COURSE, 6300 St. Rte. 5, Vernon, Oct. 3.

HIFFA’S, 9560 St. Rte. 12, Remsen, Oct. 6.

AMERICAN LEGION POST 232, Rte. 12B, Clinton, Oct. 10.

FAIRFIELD INN AND SUITES, 5280 Willow Place, Oct. 11.

TABERG ANNEX, 10011 Taberg-Florence Road, Taberg, Oct. 12.

TABERG LIMITED SECURE CENTER, 10011 Taberg-Florence Road, Taberg, Oct. 12.

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHIRCH, 124 Schuyler St. Boonville, Oct. 12.



VALENTINO’S BANQUET HALL, 3899 Oneida St., New Hartford, Oct. 13.

CHINA HOUSE RESTAURANT, 503 N. James St., Oct. 13.

WENDY’S OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS, 8505 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, Oct. 13.

GENERAL WILLIAM FLOYD SCHOOL, 9601 Main St., Holland Patent, Oct. 16.

FORESTPORT ELEM. SCHOOL, 10275 St. Rte. 2B, Forestport, Oct. 16.

CAFE PLUS, 888 Bleecker St., Utica, Oct. 16.

TED’S CAFE, 325 Brooks Road, Oct. 17.

TILLY’S CLOVER, 2376 Main St., Clayville, Oct. 17.

WINGATE ROME FOOD, 90 Dart Circle, Oct. 18.

THE BEER HUB, 2643 Genesee St., Utica, Oct. 18.

NOYES STREET CAFE, 900 Noyes St., Utica, Oct. 18.


LODGE AT HEADWATERS, 13524 St. Rte. 12, Boonville, Oct. 23.

DELICIAS BORICUA, 907 Bleecker St., Utica, Oct. 24.

KNIGHT’S INN FOOD, 309 N. Genesee St., Utica, Oct. 25.

JCTOD OUTREACH, 1402 West St., Utica, Oct. 25.

GOLDEN HOUSE, 1506 Genesee St., Utica, Oct. 25.

THE DINGHY BAR, 728 Plant St., Utica, Oct. 25.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS, 31 Schuyler St., Utica, Oct. 27.

CALVARY HEAD START, 308 South St., Utica, Oct. 30.

RIVER ROAD HEAD START, 9882 River Road, Utica, Oct. 30.