Timothy Safin

District, administrators union agree to 3-year pact with 2.75% annual raises

Published May 18, 2017 at 4:00pm

A new 3-year Rome Administrators Association (RAA) contract with annual raises of 2.75 percent has been approved by the Board of Education in a 7-1 vote.

Voting against the contract Wednesday night was board member Timothy Safin, who chairs the board’s personnel committee. Absent was board member Richard Hitchings.

The agreement, to take effect July 1, reflects a “pretty fair contract” overall, school district Superintendent Peter C. Blake said after the board meeting.

RAA members have ratified the contract, said association President Nancy Opperman, who is principal of Bellamy Elementary School. The RAA includes about 20 positions including school principals and assistant principals plus some other other administrators. Salaries are in the approximately $74,000-$120,000 range.

Safin said after the meeting that he voted against the contract because he feels positions such as teacher aides and monitors “should have a more competitive pay scale” than their current levels in proportion to other district jobs. Administrators, meanwhile, are at already proportionately higher pay levels, he commented. Safin said he believes there should be more “equity” overall in how the various pay scales and ranges are set.

Safin also was the only board member to vote against the previous 2-year RAA contract in 2015.

He said then that he would like to see where positions such as teachers and teacher aides stand with regard to salary compensation before adjusting administrators’ salaries.

The only district employee contract still unresolved is with a Service Employees International Union unit, said Blake. The union represents about 80-90 custodial, maintenance and transportation staffers. Its previous contract expired July 1, 2016.

Members of that union were to vote this week on a proposed contract agreement, said Blake. If ratified, it would be considered for approval by the board at its next meeting on June 1, said Blake and district Director of Employee Relations Frank Conestabile.