Board of Education approves several personnel moves

Published May 18, 2018 at 4:00pm

A Rome school district Director of People Operations title will replace the current Director of Employee Relations position with revised responsibilities, while a new assistant principal position will be on a floating status within the district.

In addition, Corey Snitchler has been appointed as assistant principal at Strough Middle School to fill a vacancy, and Staley Elementary School Assistant Principal Frederick Wadnola II will transfer to Bellamy Elementary School.

The personnel moves were approved Wednesday night by the Board of Education. In the discussions:

• The Director of People Operations position will be posted for applicants at a salary estimated at $100,000-$115,000, school district Superintendent Peter C. Blake said after the meeting.

It will replace the position held by Director of Employee Relations Frank Conestabile, who is due to retire in June. Blake told the board the new job will “change slightly,” including moving from a Civil Service position to a certificated administrative post.

In addition, the new position will include more work regarding students than “actual labor relations,” Blake said. The district plans to use legal services about two days a week to help with labor-related functions such as personnel and contractual matters, among changes to follow Conestabile’s retirement.

Among the Director of People Operations responsibilities will be administrative overview of all district human resource functions; procedures for hiring and retaining staff; overview of student registration; coordination of home school students; overview of the after-school suspension program. Duties will include advising the superintendent on labor/management related matters; analyzing wage and salary practices to help in developing future collective bargaining agreements; maintaining enrollment figures plus student and staff attendance figures for the district.

• For the new assistant principal position, the primary schools for it will be reviewed in July, Blake said after the meeting.

The position is needed to help schools maintain regular functions while also meeting increased paperwork requirements, and among those requirements are various state guidelines and programs, Blake explained.

• Snitchler, whose assistant principal appointment at Strough is at a $78,000 salary and is effective from July 1 this year through June 30, 2022, will succeed Michael Flagg who last month was appointed as principal at Ridge Mills Elementary School.

Currently, Snitchler is athletic director and the director of curriculum in the Mount Markham school district, Strough Principal Tracy O’Rourke said after the meeting.

Snitchler, who was present at the meeting, was congratulated by the board and was asked to come forward to the meeting table where he shook hands with board members and district administrators.

• Wadnola’s transfer as assistant principal from Staley to Bellamy will be effective July 1. The Staley position will be posted to seek a replacement, said Blake.

Wadnola, who joined the district effective last August, was interested in a different school location, Blake said after the meeting. He said Wadnola has done “a great job at Staley,” but added that as a new administrator he may have sought a smaller school.

Staley is the largest of the district’s seven elementary schools, and opened the current school year with an enrollment of 740 students. Bellamy’s opening enrollment was 472.