Thoughts on the new year

Published Dec 31, 2016 at 4:00pm

No one has a crystal ball to foresee how 2017 will play out. After being so wrong in 2016, feel free to mock the pundits and talking heads who dust off their soiled togas to claim they are still worthy of being called expert.

We were as surprised as anyone that Donald Trump won the presidency. We did advise, after his visit back in April, not to sell him short.

Our expectation for 2017 is that even those misinformed by the national media will be pleasantly surprised by increased reciprocity and tolerance among individuals. We expect a return to the protections of federalism and the cleansing innovation marketplace competition allows.

We expect government to help those in need return to their feet, but insist that they contribute to the best of their ability. Insurance, when it comes to health, used to be to cover catastrophic circumstances, not every nick and scratch. Catastrophic insurance is affordable, and the remaining insurance should be up to individuals to design their own coverage. That can only happen when people have decent employment opportunities.

Individuals who see needs and opportunities to fill them create jobs. We expect regulations to be pruned back to those that are necessary, which should increase entrepreneurial opportunities.

Communities are going to have to remediate people unaccustomed to working. Some people never have had an opportunity to work, couldn’t find jobs, or didn’t feel the need to take them. Schools have some fabulous teachers who have been forced to follow curricula that, while containing some excellent basics, squeezed out other essential knowledge of history, economics, and political theory.

We are also going to have to return substance to education to encourage students to be able defend against politicians and major media practiced at rhetoric.

We expect that the ordinary operation of government will expose agencies going beyond their charter and that bureaucracies will be restructured to protect against that kind of abuse.

Contrary to popular narratives, foreign policy will be reasoned and designed to create stability in the world.

Our hope for 2017 is that the mainstream media will recover from its abuse of adjectives and misplaced context that inserted into articles the opinion of journalists probably too young to know better. They probably were mostly j-school graduates who never had the pleasure of taking real liberal arts courses. We expect the election showed the need to discount the excesses of the corporate information cartel.

Turning to Rome and the surrounding area, we expect the nanotech infrastructure investment that was delayed at the state level to come to fruition. The economic cooperation among our local leaders is strong and positive. Effective, affordable local government is the goal.

We project the new year will show good people and good neighbors doing good work. We are proud to be part of the community, proud of our advertisers and subscribers, and proud to deliver local news and advertising to you.