Thoughts on the Midterm elections

Published Nov 3, 2018 at 4:00pm

After the 2016 presidential election, Democrats wanted to take their ball and go home. “#Resist” was their rallying call and non-participation has been their practice for two years. There is no reason to reward resistance that puts one party ahead of the country.

In spite of resistance, Donald Trump has done well for the country. He put both Republicans and Democrats on notice that voters reject the platitudes they have been fed for years.

Trump kept his election promises to voters to the best of his ability — which is more than can be said for many on both sides of the aisle and he has done so despite unacceptable ankle-biting by the mainstream media. His promises have worked out well for Americans.

He has shown that the government doesn’t have to control everything for quality of life to improve. He has removed burdensome taxes from businesses and unleashed the economy. Jobs are way up and unemployment the lowest in over 40 years. That economy, in turn, has helped reduce the increased cost of entitlements for taxpayers.

Trump tried to work on spending control this past year, but resistance made that a non-starter.

Trump has moved mountains to make things work. It makes no sense to change control of Congress to those whose main goal seems to be to remove Trump from office and see that nothing like him can ever happen again.

We don’t expect control of the House of Representatives to change, but if it does and the new #Resist leadership pursues its expected path, it will only make voters more likely to re-elect Trump for a second term in 2020.

Tuesday’s elections matter. Please vote.