Thoughts on Obamacare

Published Oct 24, 2018 at 4:00pm

The notion that people want Obamacare is wrong.

People want to see a doctor when they are sick, get diagnosed with dispatch, get treated effectively, and then go about their business with money left in their wallet.

If people want to see a doctor when they are sick, there have to be enough doctors. Obamacare had doctors leaving their practices in droves. Obamacare stifles the market mechanism that would encourage more doctors to serve.

If people want to get diagnosed with dispatch, competition in the marketplace encourages better and more timely service than under Obamacare.

If people want to get treated effectively, the ability to create new medicines and tools faces stronger regulation under Obamacare.

And, if people want to have money left in their wallets, for goodness sake do not let the government rule healthcare alone.

Obamacare stripped those with insurance of their choosing to make them conform to the government-approved plan that cost more or had a higher deductible. This was to pay for free insurance for the previously uninsured. This attempt at wealth redistribution was misguided and highly inefficient.

For instance, many young people might have been served by catastrophic health insurance, but they were not allowed to choose that option. Many with pre-existing conditions might have been served by a different program paid for by every taxpayer, but independent of health insurance.

That is not Obamacare, not how it was created, and not why it was created.

Obamcare was rammed through a Democrat controlled House and Senate. The founders designed Congress so financial bills must originate in the House. Democrats in the Senate bypassed that process, gutted a different bill, inserted Obamacare wording into it, and sent it back to the House where Nancy Pelosi rammed it through without allowing members time to read it, taunting, “you have to pass it in order to read it.” Then they lied to voters, “If you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Obamacare was never about health care for the needy. It was about control by politicians. They carved out for themselves control of one-sixth of the economy. A lot of favors can be done when you control both the vendors and the customers.

We have a lot to do to improve health care. Transparency in pricing is one thing. Cross-state competition is another. Obamacare wrongly presumed competition in the marketplace is not cleansing.

If you think a Democrat-controlled House would act as a check on President Trump, remember Obamacare.