Thoughts on no evidence

Published May 16, 2017 at 4:00pm

The real news: Last week, a Senate hearing revealed that there’s still no evidence of the alleged collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia but there was illegal disclosure of information on former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn collected via government surveillance.

Nothing to prosecute: Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Trump and Comey, asked by the Wall Street Journal if he thought the president was justified in firing the FBI director? “In the firing? Absolutely.” Asked if a special counsel should be named, Mukasey said, “I don’t. … [In] order to have a potential prosecutor, there’s got to be something to prosecute. And as far as I know, there is no crime being investigated. This is a counterintelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation.”

Such nonsense: “Josh Kantrow comments, “Can you imagine the outcry from the Left and their media accomplices if President Trump had not fired Comey following: (1) his testimony last week and (2) receipt of the memo from assistant AG Rosenstein, a man of impeccable integrity who served in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations?” Clarice Feldman adds, “had he not fired him, the same people screaming ‘Russian collusion’ would be saying he deliberately kept in place a man as head of the FBI already proven to have been compromised.”

Typical: While Republican Sen. John McCain claims to be upset about the Comey firing, the MainStream Media (MSM) is not reporting that McCain is probably the person who gave Comey the fake dossier that started the Russia rubbish.

Who was unmasked: Were only “Trump associates” unmasked? Did Democrats talk to Russians? Were they unmasked for talking to Russians? Were Democrats unmasked for talking to Iran? Blogger Janet points out Democrat Nancy Pelosi met with Mexican ex-president Vincente Fox to see if he could help convince American voters to reject Trump.

WSJ opinion: “We don’t know who did the unmasking, but on Monday both [Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates] and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted that while in office they had personally reviewed classified reports about “Mr. Trump, his officials or members of Congress” who had been “unmasked.” Both also admitted that they had shared that information with others in government, though they did deny leaking to the press.

“Whoever has been leaking classified information, reporters might want to start asking their sources why the leaks never seem to contain any collusion evidence. They might also ask [Rep.] Schiff what it would take to get him interested in investigating potential abuses of his political adversaries.”

Behind the curtain: As one blogger said, “There is no crime. There is no charge. There is no evidence. This is a smear.”

Revealing: Trump hid the Comey firing so no staff leaked to the MSM. The MSM were so upset about that they blamed Trump for stopping leaks off which they feed. They were so mad they accused the White House of a communications failure. Sorry, Charlie, that was a success, not a failure because the MSM got exposed.

Drawing conclusions: Decent journalism presents relevant facts, makes connections, engages in punditry to fill time, and does not simply echo unfounded political debate points. Now mainstream news theater wants you to trust it to tell you whether it presents fake news or not.

Good advice: The information Washington media selects falls far short of what you need to understand the DC swamp. President Trump tweets about fake news to warn us to prospect for reliable sources and test what we find. He values journalism and this country enough to warn about misrepresentation of Washington.

That’s different: Blogger Ig says, ‘I used to think Trump causes irrationality in his opponents. I’m beginning to realize he just reveals it.”