Thoughts on a cup of kindness

Published Jan 10, 2018 at 4:00pm

Some time ago we were in line at a fast food drive-through window that was taking a little too long. It appeared the driver ahead was chatting with the cashier.

When we drove up, the cashier said that the previous driver had paid for our morning coffee and asked that the cashier pass a five dollar bill on to the next driver to return the favor to someone else sometime.

It changed our day.

We confess, we did not do as the driver requested. It was too important a lesson.

We kept the five dollar bill on our dresser where we see it every morning. Seeing it every morning, reminds us to put an extra five dollar bill in our pocket to hand out anonymously to someone as a random act of kindness.

Since then, the driver’s five dollar bill has multiplied many times over.

We thought the story was a fresh way to start the new year with a resolution we could keep. Kindness is a gift we can give any time during the year.

Just remember to stay aware of what goes on around you. Stay aware that in an instant we can make someone’s life better in a way that makes ours better, too.

We are grateful, although we were in a hurry, that the driver ahead of us took just a little bit longer than necessary at the cashier window. We are grateful that the five dollar bill rests on the dresser to remind us, like Ebenezer Scrooge, how fortunate we are to have yet another day to enjoy with others.

Who would have thought that another cup of kindness would come at a fast food drive-in window.