Nuts to this idea

Published Jul 25, 2018 at 4:00pm

The free peanuts are half the reason people fly Southwest Airlines. OK, maybe not half, but rarely has a nonfood commercial service had its identity so thoroughly wrapped up inside those tiny packets of roasted nuts distributed to passengers, with gusto and good humor, on Southwest Airlines flights.

We know there are serious nut allergy sufferers out there, and Southwest cited those passengers’ health concerns as the primary reason for ending the distribution of packaged peanuts on future flights.

But it’s a sad day for Southwest devotees who all too often rush to board flights without grabbing something to eat and count on those peanuts to keep them from starving till arrival at the next destination. Southwest doesn’t serve meals.

Somewhere, there’s an advertising account executive wracking his or her brain figuring out how to replace the airline’s peanut-oriented pitch for low-cost fares. At least we hope there is.