Give local businesses a try

Published Nov 24, 2017 at 4:00pm

Big companies like Amazon and Walmart have made it easier to find deals, shop from home, and get purchases fast. But “easy,” oftentimes, comes at a cost later realized.

Small Business Saturday is tomorrow, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It follows Black Friday and encourages shoppers to choose local stores when doing their Christmas shopping.

Why is this important? Where do we begin? Small businesses create jobs. They inhabit a piece of the local spirit, providing variety and personality and, potentially, friendly faces. Our local businesses boost the economy. They provide a reason for a person to visit a city, dine out and stroll the sidewalks. They’re run by your family members, pals from church, your friends, your neighbors.

Sure, it’s easy to search, click some buttons, pull out a credit card and hope for the best. But we think there’s great value in walking into a local store that goes well beyond the immediate purchase.

Give local businesses a try.