Cuomo should debate upstate

Published Oct 23, 2018 at 4:00pm

Governor Andrew Cuomo sent the wrong message to voters when he failed to engage Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro in timely broadcast debates.

While he has agreed to a debate to be broadcast in New York City, Cuomo has left upstate New York out of the equation. Why? Don’t upstate votes count? Is it because more upstate votes are likely to go Republican?

Cuomo may believe he doesn’t need debates to be able to win, but his approach tells voters:
1) He prefers some voters to be uninformed,

2) He doesn’t fully believe in the two-party system, and

3) His ideas are the only ones that matter.

When his father, Mario Cuomo, was governor, he actively participated in the give and take of ideas. He would listen, think, and respond. When he thought you made a point, he would say so. Then he would take the sound ideas of others under advisement and try to weave them into his programs.

Compared to Mario, Andrew comes across as a pragmatic politician more interested in pursuing his beliefs than one who engages people to find the best mix of ideas.

Andrew Cuomo is, as he should be, confident in his positions.
But scheduling broadcast debates with Molinaro is the best way to convince us what he wants to do makes sense for New York. And scheduling them only for New York City is, ... well, ... shabby.