A good cause

Published Jul 5, 2017 at 4:00pm

We were reading some editorials from across the country when we encountered an unusual situation as described by The Pueblo Chieftain, a Colorado newspaper.

The paper’s editorial writer described some “fun photos” the paper was printing. They weren’t unusual photos for this time of year. They featured dozens of recent high school graduates — and a few who have finished college — standing on the steps of the Pueblo County Courthouse recently, waiting to receive their $2,000 scholarships.

While the writer acknowledged that while the photos and the story about 210 Pueblo students receiving the scholarships were pleasing, the paper was a bit unnerved by the source of the funding.

The students received the two $1,000 scholarships — one for each school year semester -- from Pueblo County’s marijuana excise tax. In all, $420,000 from pot taxes went to the students.

“It still seems odd to us that marijuana is helping fund college educations, but the reality is, it’s time to get over it,” the Chieftain noted.

The paper’s position is that if legal retail marijuana is here to stay, and that seems to be the case in Colorado, nearby Nevada and other states, then proceeds from it might as well be used for good purposes.

And helping young men and women with their high college expenses certainly is a good cause.