Rubino, 118th Assembly District candidate, wins key endorsement

Published Aug 8, 2018 at 4:00pm

Keith Rubino, candidate for New York State Assembly in the 118th district has won the endorsement of the United Auto Workers Union Local 624, representing working men and women across the 118th Assembly District.

“My wife Holly and I are buying a car from a dealership in Herkimer.” Keith Rubino told the United Auto Workers at his endorsement screening. “We looked at different makes and models, but decided on American-made because we’ve got to support our industries and our workers. Buying American keeps money here in the states and supports our jobs and our union brothers and sisters.”

Keith Rubino is a lifelong resident of Herkimer. He comes from a working class family and is a member of CSEA (Civil Service Employees Association). Keith is passionate about public service and believes in putting others first. He has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from SUNY Oswego. Keith is a young working-class Uber driver and employee of Central New York Developmental Services Organization (DSO) who cares for people with disabilities.

“I’m ready to walk the picket line,” Keith assures voters. “When I get to Albany I won’t forget where I came from or who I’m fighting for. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make sure there are good jobs here in the 118th Assembly District so that people can stay and raise families.”

Rubino believes that everyone who works hard should a roof over their heads, a good education for their kids, and a decent retirement. His campaign is all about getting the job done and reaching across the aisle. He’s going to Albany to solve problems and deliver for the folks who sent him there.

Keith Rubino is running for Assembly because the middle class needs representation. Labor needs someone who will stand up for them. Keith is that guy. Make a donation now at or

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