Brahim M. Zogby

Zogby joins Oneida supervisor race

Published Jul 15, 2017 at 4:00pm

ONEIDA — Former Oneida City Councilman Brahim Zogby will run as one of three Republican candidates for Oneida City Supervisor.

On Tuesday, Zogby, a former First Ward Councilman, filed his candidacy with the Madison County Board of Elections.

Oneida, which has 15 percent of Madison County’s population, is represented at the county level with four supervisors. It has two supervisors for Wards 1-3 and two supervisors for Wards 4-6.

Zogby will be among two candidates for the position, and will face off against current supervisor John Reinhardt and Mary Cavanagh in a primary Sept. 12.

Two of the three candidates will run for the position on the Republican ticket. County elections will be held Nov. 7.

“This is not a critique, but I’d like to see a change at the way Oneida is represented at the county level,” Zogby said.

“This includes better communication, economic development and better ways of spending money.”

Zogby has taught English and coached basketball. He later became an assistant to former Utica Mayor William Hanna and then served a director of Utica’s Youth Bureau. Later he worked as a counselor for the state Division of Youth at the Tryon School.

Next Zogby worked as a regional sales representative for Bristol-Myers. He was responsible for territory in New England. He went on to become a residential mortgage broker and manager, covering a five-county area in New York.

Zogby represented Oneida’s First Ward from 2013 until 2015, when he stepped down to face Leo N. Matzke for mayor. Matzke won, 1,131 to 1,105. Alan Cohen now represents the First Ward.

“I feel at this point in my life that my experience as a businessman, and in politics, has given me something to offer Oneida,” he said.

Reinhardt and Margaret Milman-Barris currently represent Wards 1-3. Milman-Barris, who had planned to campaign this fall, is a Democrat and was appointed by Deputy Mayor Jim Chamberlain to replace Scott Henderson, who resigned in April. MIlman-Barris will run on the Democratic ticket in November.

Wards 4-6 are represented by Lewis Carinci and Joseph A. Magliocca. They are both Democrats, and will face Republican candidate Tom Boylan in November.