Lee Town Board resolves bill issue; fills positions

Published Aug 12, 2017 at 4:00pm

TOWN OF LEE — Resolving issues with an additional engineering bill for a water tank refurbishing project, plus personnel approvals for a summer youth program and a digital mapping project, were among Town Board actions.

In discussions Tuesday night:

• The board approved paying an additional $14,212 engineering bill from the Dodson & Associates consulting engineer company of Schenectady for the water tank project. Payment to the company will total about $34,000.

But the overall extra payment impact was reduced to about $1,700 after the board also accepted two change-orders from Global Contracting & Painting, Inc. of Colden totaling a $12,500 reduction in its contracted amount for the project.

The company, which conducted the water tank refurbishing, will be paid $232,500 overall after being awarded a $245,000 contract last summer. The reductions were related to exceeding the contract time, and for estimated construction quantity adjustments.

Board members last month had questioned the additional bill from the Dodson company involving engineering inspections for the tank, and had asked town attorney David Rapke to review it. The refurbishing, including interior painting of the 300,000-gallon tank among various steps, was supposed to be done by late October 2016, Lee Supervisor John Urtz has said, but it was not finished until spring.

Rapke told the board it “comes out to a $1,700 difference” between the Global company’s reduced bill and the additional amount for the Dodson company. The board conceivably could indicate it was not satisfied with Dodson being “paid $1,700 more,” but “I don’t know if you want to get in litigation for $1,700,” Rapke said of the difference.

He also said of the two companies’ billings that he did not feel they were “two separate issues.”

From a “business standpoint,” Rapke said, he suggested accepting the change-orders and authorizing the payments. Board member Karl Matt questioned the need to “squabble” over the cost-difference amount.

• The board approved Ashley Engel and Jesse Mastracco as the new summer youth program coordinators for 2018, subject to completing the application process. The pay is about $2,650 apiece, said Urtz. Both are teachers in the area, he noted.

The board also approved paying $10 per hour by voucher this season for training of the upcoming new coordinators that has included working with the current coordinators, who plan to resign after this season following many years of service.

The summer program, whose 2017 season ends this week, has been offered at the town park for several years, including various amusement activities for children.

• The board approved paying Paul Phister and Ray Baker $12 per hour by voucher to work on flagging and marking areas for a new digital mapping system of town infrastructure features.

The mapping project, which was launched about two months ago and included approving the purchase of a GPS (global positioning system) device, is to involve such details as water and road system features along with zoning boundaries. It also is to include inputting data with the help of various existing maps and records, with an aim of enhancing on-site accuracy and responsiveness for matters such as water main breaks and land-usage approvals. Phister, who is Lee Zoning Board of Appeals chairman, is coordinating the project.

Urtz also asked that town Water Department representatives further assist in the project. Town Water Supervisor David Piersall said it would not be a problem.