Lee residents reminded about annual lawn-watering restrictions

Published Jun 13, 2018 at 4:00pm

TOWN OF LEE — “It’s very, very dry....It’s the season,” says Lee Supervisor John Urtz regarding the Town Board’s reminder for residents about annual lawn-watering restrictions at this time of year.

The restrictions, intended to help avoid possible strain on town water district reserves, allow lawn watering east of Turin Road on even-numbered days only and watering west of Turin Road on odd-numbered days only.

In another seasonal topic at its meeting Tuesday night, the board set payment amounts for part-time counselor positions in the town park’s upcoming summer youth recreation program; the positions are for ages 14-17, said Urtz.

In the discussions:

• The town’s enforcement of the lawn-watering restrictions can include a $25 fine for violators.

Urtz asked town Water Supervisor Joshua Szyper if water usage lately during the hot dry weather has gone “way up.” Szyper said “it’s not too bad...not yet.”

But Urtz replied “it will. It won’t be long...if it stays like this,” referring to the weather conditions.

The Lee water district, which buys its water from the City of Rome system, has about 1,300 customer accounts. Water usage in the town is not metered.

• For the summer program youth counselor positions, total salaries will be $500 for 14-year-olds, said Urtz, along with $600 for counselors in their second and third years. The counselors will work 15 hours a week for six weeks, for a total of 90 hours, he said.

The town anticipates hiring 20 summer employees for the program, Urtz added after the meeting.

The payment levels reflect increases from the total amounts last year which were in the $450-$500 range, he noted.