Lee officials question extra engineering bill

Published Jul 17, 2017 at 4:00pm

TOWN OF LEE — Questioning an additional $14,212 engineering bill for a water tank refurbishing project, and posting for new coordinators next year for a summer youth program, were among Town Board topics last week.

• Town attorney David Rapke will review the additional water storage tank refurbishing expense in conjunction with the Dodson & Associates consulting engineer company of Schenectady, Lee Supervisor John Urtz said after the board meeting.

The added $14,212 expense involved engineering inspections for the 300,000-gallon tank, whose refurbishing included interior painting among various steps.

The town last summer had awarded a contract for the refurbishing, which Urtz said was supposed to be done by late October 2016. But the work was not completed by then, and was halted during the winter before being finished this spring.

The contract awarded for the refurbishing was $245,000 to Global Contracting & Painting, Inc. of Colden. Engineering-related costs were separate from that, Urtz said. Town Clerk Sharon Mortis noticed the additional amount on a billing.

​Lee also has a second water storage tank with a 400,000-gallon capacity that was not part of the refurbishing project.

• The town likely will advertise for two summer youth program coordinators for 2018 whose pay would each be in the approximately $2,500 range, said Urtz. The current coordinators plan to resign after this season following many years of service.

The Town Board last month had approved compensation of $10 per hour for Martha Burke and her daughter Anna to attend some days at the program, as possible future coordinators. But they are no longer interested in taking over the program, the town said.

The summer program has been offered at the town park for several years, with various amusement activities for