AMBER AND WAVES — A boater glides along the smooth surface of Delta Lake on Tuesday afternoon as autumn’s annual colorful show emerges along the lake’s banks. Volunteers from across the state are reporting a colorful mix of conditions, from regions at peak to those just starting to see some change. (Sentinel photo by John Clifford)

Leaves near peak conditions, say state’s leaf peepers

Published Oct 11, 2017 at 4:00pm

Although the temperatures may still suggest summer more than fall, a look up into the trees around the region will reveal a more colorful reminder that autumn is in full swing.

According to the state’s fall foliage report on its website, Central New York
and the North Country will be near or at peak conditions this weekend.

While muted fall colors continue to dominate the state’s autumn landscape, these regions, along with the Catskill Mountain area, will be bursting with color, according to reports filed by area volunteers.

Spotters in Oneida County predict 60 percent color change by the weekend with “a muted color palette of pale green and olive, along with shades of gold and yellow emerging,” the state’s fall foliage report said.

In addition to those dominant hues, the state report added that “subtle accents of rose and salmon are also present in and around the Mohawk Valley.”

Herkimer County spotters reporting from Mohawk expect near peak leaves this weekend with 90 percent leaf change and brilliant red and orange leaves, along with some gold and purple, the state website says.

To the north, spotters in Old Forge expect near peak foliage this weekend with 60 percent color change and shades of dark red along with some orange, yellow and golds of average brilliance emerging.

A little farther up along Route 28, Hamilton County observers reporting from Inlet expect 75 percent color change with past peak conditions for the weekend, according to the report.

“Colors are slightly flat, but cooler temperatures and a little rain seem to be bringing out the yellows and oranges,” the report added. Views along the Fulton Chain of lakes will provide fall hikers and day trippers with a range of vistas, from strikingly colorful views to more subtle and muted ones.

Views from the tops of such popular trails as Bald Mountain, Nick’s Lake, Black Bear Mountain and Rocky Mountain will offer beautiful foliage shows and sweeping panoramas of color.

In Cooperstown, the leaf peepers say foliage will be midpoint to near peak this weekend with 50–60 percent of the leaves changed. Dominant fall colors are yellow and orange, along with some shades of red.

Many areas are seeing significant leaf droppage and a noticeable amount of leaves that haven’t changed or have dried on the trees, the state’s foliage report said.

The I LOVE NEW YORK report defines “peak” foliage as the period when the leaves are displaying their best overall appearance of the season. 

For a complete breakdown of all of the state’s regions along with a map of conditions across the state, go online to