All but one county legislator to seek re-election

Published Jul 15, 2017 at 4:00pm

Nearly all of Oneida County’s 23 legislators are seeking re-election this fall.

With just one exception, all incumbents filed candidate nominating petitions with the county Board of Elections by Thursday’s deadline. Not running again is Republican Les Porter, Remsen, in District 6.

Barring any successful challenges to candidate petitions, primary and general election contests are shaping up in a number of the districts. Twelve incumbents are unopposed. The board currently has 15 Republicans and eight Democrats.

At least three former county legislators are seeking to rejoin the board: Democrat Michael J. Hennessy in District 1 (Vernon and Verona), Democrat Joseph M. Furgol in District 18 (Utica), and Republican Howard C. Welch in District 21 (Utica).

In the 16th District, incumbent Republican Mary Austin Pratt, New Hartford, is seeking her first election to the seat following her appointment earlier this year to fill a vacancy. She is being challenged by Donald C. Backman for the GOP and Conservative endorsements.

Many of the incumbents and challengers filed for multiple party lines on the ballot.

Legislators are paid $8,368 a year.

By the district

Here’s a look at the unofficial candidate filings received by the Board of Elections:

• Dist. 1

Incumbent Keith Schiebel: Republican, Independence, Reform.

Michael J. Hennessey: Democrat, Conservative.

• Dist. 2

Incumbent, Colin E. Idzi: Republican, Conservative, Independence.

• Dist. 3

Incumbent Norman E. Leach: Republican, Conservative, Independence.

• Dist. 4

Incumbent Michael J. Clancy: Democrat, Working Families, Independence.

Cynthia L. Rogers-Witt: Republican, Reform.

• Dist. 5

Incumbent Michael B. Waterman: Republican, Independence.

• Dist. 6

Steven R. Boucher: Republican, Conservative, Independence.

Sebatian J. Interlandi III: Democrat, Working Families.

• Dist. 7

Incumbent Gerald J. Fiorini: Republican.

• Dist. 8

Incumbent Richard A. Flisnik: Republican, Conservative, Independence, Reform.

• Dist. 9

Incumbent Philip M. Sacco: Democrat, Working Families.

• Dist. 10

Incumbent George E. Joseph: Republican.

• Dist. 11

Incumbent Robert A. Koenig: Republican, Independence.

Paul L. De Ceglie: Democrat, Working Families.

• Dist. 12

Incumbent Barbara Calandra: Democrat, Independence.

Michael D. Brown: Democrat, Working Families.

• Dist. 13

Incumbent William B. Goodman: Democrat, Independence.

• Dist. 14:

Incumbent Chad Davis: Democrat, Conservative, Independence.

• Dist. 15

Incumbent James M. D’Onofrio: Republican.

• Dist. 16

Incumbent Mary Austin Pratt: Republican, Conservative, Independence.

Donald C. Backman: Republican, Conservative.

• Dist. 17

Incumbent Brian P. Mandryck: Republican, Conservative, Independence.

• Dist. 18

Incumbent Jeffrey E. Daniels Jr.: Republican, Independence.

Joseph M. Furgol: Democrat, Conservative, Working Families.

• Dist. 19:

Incumbent Edward P. Welsh: Republican, Working Families, Independence.

Matthew J. Downs: Conservative.

• Dist. 20

Incumbent William R. Hendricks Sr.: Democrat

• Dist. 21

Incumbent Lori A. Washburn: Democrat, Working Families, Independence.

Howard C. Welch: Republican.

• Dist. 22

Incumbent Rose Ann Convertino: Democrat, Working Families, Independence, Women’s Equality.

Robert T. Oliveria: Democrat.

• Dist. 23

Incumbent Emil R. Paparilla: Republican, Reform.

Frank. J. Gentile Jr.: Republican, Conservative, Independence.

Venus M. Lanaux: Democrat, Working Families.