Two re-enlist in National Guard

Published Dec 9, 2017 at 4:00pm

A pair of local residents have reenlisted as members of the state National Guard, according to an announcement by Maj.
Gen. Anthony P. German, the adjutant general of the

They are:

Staff Sgt. Thalia Cotrichbrewer, of Clinton, who reenlisted to continue service with the 206th Military Police Company; and 

Cpl. Dylan Guider, of Sherrill, who reenlisted to continue service with the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

“New Yorkers count on our Citizen Soldiers to be ready and be there when disaster strikes,” German said.

“And our nation counts on our soldiers when duty calls for overseas service. I congratulate our members for choosing to stay in service and striking that balance between military duties, education or employment commitments and family
obligations,” the major general added.