Local students receive scholarships at SUNY Oswego, college announces

Published Nov 28, 2017 at 4:00pm

SUNY Oswego has announced scholarships and the local students who earned them.

Two local freshmen earned co-op scholarships. The scholarship is worth $24,000 over four years, and goes to outstanding students interested in pursuing a co-op opportunity who otherwise would have qualified for a presidential scholarship.

The local scholarship recipients are:

  • Ryan J. Mammone, of New Hartford, majoring in electrical and computer engineering.
  • Cameron J. Oatman, of Camden, majoring in physics.

Presidential Scholarships were given to a group of freshman. The scholarships are $20,000 over four years.

The Presidential Scholarship recipients include:

  • Quinn M. Ceilly, of Cleveland, a psychology major.
  • Matthew S. Muller, of Boonville, a zoology major.
  • Lucas F. Spagnuolo, of Camden, a chemistry major.
  • Kyle R. Dellers, of Rome, a zoology major.
  • Jennifer R. Krawiec, of Vernon, a adolescence education major.
  • Ryan J. Enos, of Oriskany, a business administration major.

SUNY Oswego also awards $6,000 Deans’ Awards ($1,500 a year for up to four years), $3,000 Merit Awards ($750 a year for up to four years) and, for outstanding students from outside New York state, a variety of Destination Oswego scholarships of $5,000 to $9,000 a year.

Deans’ awards — $6,000 over four years — were awarded to the following freshmen:

  • Olivia N. Jordan, of New Hartford, majoring in business administration.
  • John M. Watkins, of Camden, majoring in computer science.
  • Lauren Tompkins, of Munnsville, undeclared.
  • Matthew Crumrine, of New Hartford, majoring in technology education.
  • Henry J. Ouellette, of Cleveland, majoring in software engineering.
  • Crystal R. Cookinham, of Clark Mills, majoring in biology.
  • Parker Gauthier, of Oriskany, majoring in biology.

The Merit awards — $3,000 over four years — were awarded to the following freshman:

  • Mackenzie L. Hardin, of Rome, majoring in childhood education.
  • Grace E. DePietro, of Westmoreland, majoring in zoology.
  • Finn A. Woods, of Barneveld, majoring in business administration.
  • Mary Katherine A. Moylan, of Barneveld, majoring in creative writing.
  • Ryan C. Gelnett, of Cleveland, majoring in applied mathematics.
  • Jillian M. Femia, of Clinton, majoring in broadcasting and mass communication.
  • Elizabeth H. Schaeffer, of New Hartford, majoring in psychology.
  • Joseph D. Wieder, of Deansboro, majoring in cinema and screen studies.
  • Savannah M. Malerba, of Dix Road in Rome, majoring in English