A newspaper worthy of your support

An essential part of our community

Recent news reports many larger newspapers and national chains in jeopardy. Daily Sentinel and Seven Day Sentinel publications remain an essential part of our community, worthy of your support.

Why are we worthy?

   Because we matter
    We are worthy because our mission is different than that of larger, chain-owned papers: To be your indispensable provider of reliable community news and advertising.

  • Indispensable — You profit from reading the Rome Sentinel newspapers.
  • Reliable — Our 171 year reputation is based on serving you an accurate map of your local world. Trust is what we sell.
  • Community — We connect you to the local area that enriches your life.
  • News — We go beyond the simple information and entertainment that passes for “news” elsewhere to report what is useful.
  • Advertising — Readers subscribe to Rome Sentinel newspapers to read them, not throw them into the landfill unread. Sentinel advertising is always there for readers.

   Rome Sentinel advertising helps protect and grow your share of the economic pie. Advertise to help the community and help yourself.