Where to put your advertising?

Put advertising where it works

  • Many don't read junk mail

    The average adult receives about 41 pounds of unsolicited junk mail each year, according to the Wall Street Journal. In 2007, according to the American Chronicle, that added up to 104 billion pieces of junk mail -- over 900 per household.
    More than half the junk mail was shoveled into landfills unread. The Postal Service's study said only 36 percent of homeowners gave unsolicited advertising mail a cursory scan before discarding it.

  • Many don't read register receipts, grocery carts, billboards, placemats, etc.

    People read when they want to read.

  • People do read community news

    Put your advertising where people read community news every day. People subscribe to newspapers to read them. They do not throw their newspapers into landfills unread.
    The Postal Service also said households find newspapers more interesting than direct marketing mail.