Using other media

Discover what works

   Then use what works.
    Sometimes one may wish to pursue advertising in other media. When circumstances change, we are as near as your telephone and email.
    The Rome Sentinel is an essential part of the community that depends on advertising to support three-quarters of the cost of bringing local news into your home and the homes of your neighbors. We are rightfully proud of our public service and invite you to support it in the future.
    Here are two worthwhile points:

  • Sound advertising typically blends different media. That's because one media may be good at establishing brand identification while another can present compelling detail.
  • Repetition is essential for success. Studies show it often requires eight or more exposures for an advertising message to "take." Repetition in a newspaper like the Rome Sentinel compliments advertising in other media.

   Advertising in the Rome Sentinel is part of a complete advertising promotion.