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Sometimes a ‘Deal’ is no bargain

Learn to compare

To compare price, adjust to consider column width, distribution, and probability of being read.

  1. Equalize column width: Divide the per inch price by the column width (8.25/1.625=5.077). Multiply the result by 2.0625 to convert to Standard Advertising Unit (SAU) column width. (5.077x2.065=10.4838 per SAU column inch.)
  2. Factor in the probability of being read: Most unsolicited mail is thrown into the landfill unread. (Probability of being read is 42%, according to the US Postal Service.) Multiply the reported distribution times the probability of being read. (12844x.42=5394 likely readers -- or 5.394 per-thousand) 
  3. Divide by likely readers to compare: Divide the resulting SAU per column inch by the per-thousand likely readers. (10.4838/5.394=1.941). $1.941 is the apples-to-apples rate to compare with the Daily Sentinel standardized rate of $1.137. 
  4. Compare the results: Even a 40% discount to $1.941 (1.941x.60=1.165) is more expensive than advertising in the Daily Sentinel at the Sentinel open rate. Advertising in the Sunday Sentinel offers an even more attractive rate per thousand of $0.647. And that is without even considering the Sentinel special packages and combinations. 

And that is without even considering the Sentinel special packages and combinations.

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