Circulation versus distribution

What gets read matters

  • Circulation counts more than distribution

    Circulation counts newspapers that readers want strongly enough to buy. Distribution is simply a count of copies, whether or not a single reader ever sees what's printed.Free publications are distributed.
    Since subscribers to newspapers pay reporters and editors for news articles, advertise where readers are known to turn pages.
Circulation guarantees readership.

  • Delivery promises  

    Delivering to 'Rome'
    A newspaper advertising representative recently claimed to deliver 12,000 newspapers to "Rome". That newspaper's audited statement showed 3,024 newspapers delivered within Rome's 13440 ZIP Code.
    The Rome Daily Sentinel delivers 8,992 newspapers within the 13440 ZIP Code. The Sunday Sentinel delivers all 17,000 households.
    When advertising representatives make delivery promises, ask them what they mean by "Rome". Ask them for proof.